Saturday, 9 February 2013

Topic 4 - Our New Global Scholars Program

Dear All,

After our previous discussions as well as our session with our Campus Provost, Dr. Cecil Abrahams, I wonder if we can all agree on something like the following as guidelines for our GSP:

1. The Global Scholars Program at FDU Vancouver Has the Following Goals and Objectives and Includes the Following Privileges:

  1. to help program participants learn about global issues through specifically designed GS classes (POLS 1111, 2112, 3113) and through discussions of relevant topics in regular meetings with other global scholars (GS Discussion Circle)
  2. to give all GS the chance to present topics of global importance to their fellow students as well as to the FDU community at large
  3. to increase and deepen the participants' understanding of global issues through the opportunity of attending a number of special guest lectures given by experts in areas of global relevance (such as business, politics, philosophy, art, etc)
  4. to provide the opportunity for all GS to attend special cultural - as well as multicultural and/or international - events 
  5. to invite GS to participate in visits and/or trips to relevant institutions and places of global interest
  6. to give GS the chance to develop their leadership skills by encouraging them to provide guidance, help, and advice to other FDU students in various academic and other matters
  7. to provide the opportunity for all program participants to represent FDU at special events as "FDU Student Ambassadors"

2. All Global Scholars at FDU Vancouver are Expected to Participate in the Global Scholars Program in the Following Ways:

  1. by putting the time, work, energy, and enthusiasm into the GSP that is necessary to make the program as meaningful, unique, effective, enjoyable, and successful as they envision it - after all, a participatory program, such as the GSP, is always exactly as good as its participants make it
  2. by engaging actively in the discussion of various global topics in the GS Discussion Circle meetings and/or smaller project groups as well as via our electronic communication tools (in particular facebook, email, and GS blog) - and by doing some additional reading and research about specific topics as well as other assignments if they come up
  3. by taking their role as FDU Ambassadors seriously and therefore also participating in all - or at least most - FDU events
  4. by consciously and consistently trying to function as 'role models' for other FDU students - both in their academic work and in their sense of responsibility and overall behaviour 
  5. by creating more awareness for existing global as well as local problems among their fellow students as well as by trying to help find solutions to overcome these problems 
  6. by taking responsibility for the future - and thus help create a better, healthier,  happier, and more sustainable world - through specific projects, volunteering, and other forms of relevant, peaceful action
  7. by using their leadership opportunities at FDU to inspire other students to encourage them to get involved in these projects, responsibilities, and actions as well
This is only a draft and needs to be discussed and modified further. Please let's talk about what you think of this little list - and in what way(s) you would like change or modify it. Of course, please let's also discuss in particular all the points that you would like to add.

Thank you,


Sunday, 3 February 2013

GS Discussion - Week 4

Dear All,

Our Campus Provost, Dr. Cecil Abrahams, will join us tomorrow for our Discussion Circle and talk with you about the Global Scholars Program.

See you at 4:00 pm,