Sunday, 16 September 2012

GS - Discussion - Weeks 2 & 3: Election in the US - 2012

Week 2:

This week's topic for discussion - chosen by Tendayi:  US Election Campaign 2012

Let's hope that the stir created by the disrespectful movie made by a person who, unfortunately, misused the freedom of speech he had will calm down soon and lead to new harmony, peace, and mutual trust and understanding everywhere in the world.

Here a link to the speech Barack Obama gave at the Democratic National convention on Sept 7th, 2012:

... and here a short article about the election campaign by Doublas La Bier (published today, Sat, Sept 15th, 2012):

You may also want to remember Barack Obama's famous speech "Yes, We Can," which he gave in January 2008 - i.e. before he became President:

A funny speech given by the President in Virginia: Obama is diagnosing an important new disease: Romnesia:

And last but not least: check out the website of the president:

Week 3:

We will continue our discussion of last week's topic this week as well: US Election Campaign 2012!

For info about the election system in the US please click on the following links:

Thousand thanks to Rodrigo for finding - and showing us - these two clips about the Electoral College!


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