Thursday, 11 October 2012

Topic 5: Dialogue in a Multicultural World

Those of you who got a chance to go to the UN Pathway Video Conference on Tuesday, Oct 9th, and to listen to Jean-Christophe Bas's "Promoting Dialogue and Understanding Among Cultures" probably found the talk as well as the following discussion as exciting and stimulating as I did.

Those of you who couldn't make it don't need to despair: the talk has now been uploaded and can be watched on line. Here the link:

I would like to invite you all to listen to the talk (again) and to reflect on this important topic  a bit more. As always, please feel free to add not just your personal ideas but also experiences you may have had and suggestions for improving the current situation.

Thank you!


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  1. I couldn’t be part of the UN Pathway Video Conference, but I just learned these on my Business Class and I think it connects to “multicultural communication”. We saw, as well as on our discussion group, that many of the problems that we find in the world come due to a misunderstanding in the communication and this can be due to several communication barriers as:

    • Physical barriers.- like noise disturbances, been in other countries, etc.
    • Language barriers.- different languages
    • Body language barriers.- some postures can mean something else in another culture
    • Perceptual barriers.- the “prejudice” we have on people
    • Organizational barriers.- specific type of language. (e.g. in business you have a formal language)
    • Cultural barriers.- different believes, thoughts, religions, ideals, etc.

    These barriers affect the communication between individuals; not even talk about mass communication. Reason why I question what things can we do to decrease these barriers?
    These ones where suggested to reinforce the communication:

    – Eye contact
    – Tone of voice
    – Facial expressions
    – Gestures and posture

    What are your suggestions?